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Green Mountain Falls Trail

The Green Mountain Falls Trailhead provides access to one of the most popular day hiking destinations in the Sierra Madre Range. The falls are located at the end of the Green Mountain Falls Trail.

Directions: Drive west of Encampment for 6 miles on Wyoming State Highway 70. Turn onto National Forest System Road (NFSR) 550. Continue driving for another 2 miles until you reach NFSR 550.2H. Take the 550.2H road and drive approximately 1.5 to the trailhead, there are signs marking the way (this trailhead is also referred to as the North Fork trailhead). The 550.2H road is recommended for four-wheel drive and high clearance vehicles only.

Elevation: 8,680 feet
Recommended Season:
Skill Level:
Length of Trail:
 1.7 Miles / 2.7 Km

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